White Noise movie review

White Noise

The movie “White Noise” is a 2005 supernatural horror thriller directed by Geoffrey Sax and starring Michael Keaton, Deborah Kara Unger, and Chandra West.

The movie revolves around the story of a man named Jonathan Rivers (played by Keaton) who is grieving the loss of his wife, Anna (played by Unger). Jonathan starts receiving eerie and mysterious electronic voice phenomena (EVP) messages, and with the help of a paranormal expert, he begins to communicate with his deceased wife through the EVP recordings.

As Jonathan delves deeper into the world of EVP, he starts to uncover a dark and dangerous side of the afterlife, and he soon realizes that his obsession with the EVP recordings has put him and his loved ones in grave danger.

The movie received mixed reviews from critics and audiences, with some praising the suspenseful and creepy atmosphere of the film, while others criticized the plot for being convoluted and confusing.

Overall, “White Noise” may appeal to fans of supernatural horror movies who enjoy eerie and unsettling themes. However, it may not be suitable for viewers who are easily scared or sensitive to depictions of death and the afterlife.

The main cast of the 2005 supernatural horror thriller “White Noise” includes:

Michael Keaton as Jonathan Rivers
Deborah Kara Unger as Anna Rivers
Chandra West as Sarah Tate
Ian McNeice as Raymond Price
Sarah Strange as Jane
Nicholas Elia as Mike Rivers
Mike Dopud as Detective Smits
Marsha Regis as Mirabelle Keegan
Amber Rothwell as Mary Freeman
These actors play key roles in the movie and contribute to the overall atmosphere of the film.