Viking Wolf 2022 – A New Norwegian Film

Norwegian teen horror film Viking Wolf 2022 is the latest addition to the growing list of movies that are streaming on Netflix. Directed and co-written by Stig Svendsen, the film centres around werewolf mythology.

Thale Berg (Elli Rhiannon Muller Osborne) moves to the small town of Nybo after her father dies. She attends a party to make new friends when she’s knocked down by something vicious.

The Story

Vikings were really obsessed with wolves back in the day. They feared them, looked to them as symbols of strength, and even had their own mythology surrounding them.

Netflix’s new Viking Wolf 2022 film is a surprisingly unique take on the werewolf mythos that doesn’t overstay its welcome with some predictable plot twists and underwhelming special effects. It also brings a fresh perspective to the horror genre, which makes it worth watching.

The film is set in a small Norwegian town and tells the story of Thale Berg, a teenager who moves to Nybo after her father dies. When a student is killed, Thale becomes a key witness to the murder and wonders whether or not the killer could be a werewolf.

The Cast

Norwegian filmmakers Stig Svendsen and Espen Aukan have created a chilling horror film based on a Norse obsession with werewolves. Vikings, it’s said, were awed by the ferociousness of the varulver (wolves), and this new Netflix film explores that mythology in an intense thriller that’s terrorizing a quiet Scandinavian town.

The story centers on a young woman named Thale who has just moved to Nybo from Oslo with her family. Her mother, Liv Berg (Liv Mjones), is a police officer, and she has recently married Arthur (Vidar Magnussen).

In the movie, Thale attends a party that turns into an unexpected nightmare when she’s injured by something that viciously murders Elin, her friend Jonas’ girlfriend. Despite being the key witness, Thale finds herself caught in the crosshairs of a police investigation that could change her life forever.

It’s a thrilling and nail-biting Norwegian thriller that hit Netflix on Friday, February 3. Add it to your watchlist now!

The Plot

The plot of Viking Wolf 2022 follows a 17-year-old city transplant Thale Berg (Elli Rhiannon Muller Osborne) as she moves to a small town called Nybo with her family after her father passes away. She quickly becomes a key witness to a brutal murder and isn’t sure whether it was an animal or human who committed the crime.

After a gruesome incident at a party, Thale’s mother Liv (Liv Mjones) begins investigating and discovers that a young girl was killed by a wolf. When her daughter starts noticing strange changes, she has to figure out what caused this attack and protect her.

It may not be the best werewolf movie ever, but Viking Wolf 2022 is a serviceable film that delivers some good action and a satisfying twist in the genre. It also has some great cinematography and decent performances, so fans of this strand of horror should definitely give it a watch.

The Final Words

A new Norwegian thriller, Viking Wolf is a fresh take on the werewolf mythology. It doesn’t have a typical origin; instead, the story is based on an ancient Viking curse that brings a wild lycan to Scandinavia.

The film starts with a prologue, which sets the tone for the story. It’s told by a Viking triple threat, Heimir (Willem Dafoe), who leads a ritual to turn a young man into a wolf.

When the wolf attacks, it leaves claw marks behind. This triggers a series of events that will change Thale’s life.

In the meantime, her mother Liv (Liv Mjones), a new police officer, is working to figure out why this wolf is so terrifying. She’s also trying to get her stepfather Arthur (Vidar Magnussen) and deaf sister Jenny involved in the case.

As it turns out, there are other factors at work as well. Viking Wolf is a flawed film, but it’s still worth watching for its unique twist on the werewolf story.