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A horror movie is a film genre that aims to evoke fear, anxiety, and suspense in its audience. These movies often explore themes related to the supernatural, the unknown, psychological fears, or disturbing events. Horror films can include elements such as monsters, ghosts, supernatural entities, serial killers, or other frightening elements to create a sense of dread and terror.

Key characteristics of horror movies include:

1. **Fear-inducing elements:** Horror movies often feature elements designed to scare or shock the audience. This can include suspenseful music, eerie sound effects, dark and ominous settings, and unexpected twists.

2. **Suspense and tension:** The genre relies on building suspense and tension to keep the audience engaged. This can be achieved through pacing, cinematography, and storytelling techniques.

3. **Supernatural or paranormal themes:** Many horror films involve supernatural or paranormal elements, such as ghosts, demons, vampires, werewolves, or other creatures from folklore or mythology.

4. **Psychological horror:** Some horror films focus on psychological aspects to induce fear. These movies may explore the human mind, mental illness, or the breakdown of sanity.

5. **Gore and violence:** While not present in all horror films, some include graphic scenes of violence or gore to intensify the fear factor.

6. **Survival themes:** Many horror movies revolve around characters facing life-threatening situations and struggling to survive against powerful and often malevolent forces.

Examples of well-known horror movies include classics like “Psycho,” “The Exorcist,” and “Halloween,” as well as more recent films like “The Conjuring,” “Get Out,” and “A Quiet Place.” The horror genre is diverse, encompassing various subgenres and styles to cater to different tastes within the overarching theme of inducing fear in the audience.

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