I Love My Dad Movie Review

I Love My Dad is the story of a father who tries to reconnect with his estranged son. His attempt involves pretending to be a woman online and then meeting her in person. This movie features a strong performance by Patton Oswalt and some other notable actors, including Rachel Dratch, who is a welcome addition to the film.

Patton Oswalt’s performance

The movie “I Love My Dad” is one of the most underrated in recent memory. While the cast and crew are all top notch, it’s the performance of the film’s lead actor, Patton Oswalt, that stands out. As a lone actor, he provides the requisite gravitas to what could have been a cringe worthy character. Despite his lack of star power, the actor is unafraid to go the extra mile and get down to business.

Using a scripted scripted scripted scripted screenplay, director James Morosini (the guy behind the lens) tells a story that echoes his own tawdry childhood. His son, Franklin (played by Oswalt in the lead role), has fallen out of favor with his dad and has made a point of blocking all contact on social media. He’s also in the throes of a bout of depression.

There’s a lot more to the story than meets the eye, but the tale of two estranged parents reunited is a moving experience. It’s a heartwarming reminder that a parent’s love is not something to be taken for granted.

Rachel Dratch’s welcome addition

Rachel Dratch is a welcome addition to the cast of James Morosini’s I Love My Dad. She has appeared in numerous comedy shows, including Click (2006), I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (2007), The Awesomes (Hulu 2013-15), and Spring Breakdown (2009).

“I Love My Dad” is about a hopelessly estranged father who is desperate to reconnect with his son. He’s tried everything he can to get in touch with him, but is blocked. So he decides to catfish his son. But it turns out to be a little bit more complicated than he expected.

In the beginning, Franklin (played by James Morosini) is a young man who has been diagnosed with a mental disorder. Seeing as he’s been unable to make a real connection with his family, he’s opted to leave the mental health facility.

When his father (played by Patton Oswalt) tries to get in touch with him, he becomes uncharacteristically receptive. Eventually, the pair become friends. However, his father has trouble dealing with his post-divorce co-parenting.

Lil Rel Howery’s brief appearance

Lil Rel Howery is a comedian and actor. He has appeared in several films including Uncle Drew, The Carmichael Show, Get Out and Bird Box. Currently, he has a new series on Fox.

While there is not a specific release date, the series will debut on Fox in September. It is based on the life of Chicago comedian Rel.

After his breakout role in Get Out, Lil Rel has continued to build his career. His upcoming projects include The Big Sick, Bad Trip, Vacation Friends, and Judas and the Black Messiah.

He appeared in Jay-Z’s “Moonlight” music video. Now, he is set to star in his own series on Fox, which is loosely based on his life.

He also appeared on the comedy series Insecure. For his work on the series, he was nominated for an IMAGE Award. He was also nominated for a Comedy Award by the MTV Movie and Television Awards.

Lil Rel Howery is a comedy superstar. In addition to his many movies, he has been appearing on television shows like The Carmichael Show, The Bad Boys of Comedy and Who Got Jokes?

James Morosini’s premise

Morosini’s script for Franklin & Chuck is a bold move. It uses a catfishing premise to illustrate a painful father-son relationship. Despite its flaws, Morosini’s film has some moments of humor and heart.

A young man named Franklin (James Morosini) suffers from depression. He’s been in an in-patient treatment facility after a suicide attempt. He’s also blocked his dad’s phone number on social networking sites. After a friend sends a friend request to a young woman he meets on Facebook, he accepts. The two are then able to communicate through text messages. However, after their interactions begin to escalate, the young man decides to cut off all ties with his father.

In an attempt to reestablish his father-son bond, Franklin takes Becca’s friend request. As the two become closer, they start to talk in person. At first, their chemistry is fun. But as their relationships become more serious, their interactions become increasingly uncomfortable.

Though this may be a controversial movie, it’s a dark comedy that’s worth seeing. It explores the difficult line between love and obsession. And it’s a lot of fun to watch.