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The History of Cinema

The History of cinema can be quite a complex and fascinating subject. This is a result of the many different ways it has been studied, including coffee-table books, multipart documentaries, television networks that predominantly...

Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance with Somebody (2022) Movie Review

Whitney Houston I Wanna Dance With Somebody MovieWhitney Houston was a hugely talented singer who unfortunately became addicted to drugs and died in a car crash. Kasi Lemmons’s I Wanna Dance with Somebody follows...

The Pogmentary: Born Ready

Paul Pogba is a sports star, a world soccer champion, an iconic Manchester United player with an uncommon personality both on and off the field. But he is coming to a turning point in...

Princes of the Palace

Princes of the Palace charts the lives of the British Royal Family’s princes and their importance within the Royal House of Windsor. Profiling Princes Phillip, Charles, William, Harry and the new arrival Prince George. Made...

Diana at Sixty

A new insight into the People's Princess, Lady Diana, With interviews from those who knew her best looking at her life, loves and where she might be today. We reveal why she was much...

Elizabeth Windsor

The story of a girl who was never meant to be Queen, but who has led a monarchy through some of the greatest changes in modern history. Directors Patrick Dickinson Starring Elizabeth II Watch FREE HD version